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The Cold War Still Burns


    The Cold War Still Burns

    Doctress Neutopia

    While I was getting a copy made

    of my dissertation on the Gaia Religion,

    a radio news announcer said that

    after World War II, US military planes

    released radioactive wastes over parts

    of Tennessee, Utah, and New Mexico

    in an experiment to develop a death spray.

    Shocked with this utter insanity

    I exclaimed to the African-American man

    working at the copy center,

    "Did you hear that?"

    The other European-American male worker said,

    "What?" I answered, "The US military sprayed

    radioactive wastes over parts of several states!"

    "No, I wasn't listening," said the White man.

    The Black man replied, "Nothing surprises me anymore."

    "What surprises me," I answered,

    "is that people don't have the strength

    to revolutionize the system which is murdering them."

    What is a matter with us? Are we terminally ill?

    Is that why I have tumors popping out of my breasts?

    Is it because I was caught downwind from

    Hanford Nuclear Facility when the managers

    released a cloud of radioactive iodine 131

    to see how far downwind it would float?

    People say I am an angry woman.

    They think I need a therapist to be

    taught how to accept the world as it is.

    But isn't it intelligent to be angry

    at the military/industrial complex which as

    polluted our lives and the lives of future generations?

    Are we ever going to get through to the heads

    of the military/industrial complex

    to make them realize their war follies?

    Are these men ever going to give up their egoes

    so that we can begin to clean up the toxic wastes

    and spend all our energies into the building of Neutopia?

    Yes, karma always comes back to us,

    the cycles of the past always return.

    If the Cold War didn't bankrupt us,

    the clean up of nuclear wastes will!

    This nation under God is doomed,

    destroyed by its own hands,

    demolished by its own red scare.

    The coals of the Cold War still burn at

    Savanna River, Rocky Flats, Pantex, Los Alamos,

    Lawrence Livermore, Idaho, Argonne, and Richland

    33.5 metric tons of plutonium will burn for millennia.

    The Cold War was an economic war.

    American Presidents prided themselves

    with the victory that the Soviet Union had fallen apart.

    They declared that the United States had finally

    won the war when really America's nuclear weapons made

    America the beautiful into a radioactive waste dump.

    This poem is one of many published by the EServer, a nonprofit collective.