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I die a little each time you
I hurt a little each time you
but in all that dying and hurting
hides my love for you
which forgives you leaving and forgetting
On this late afternoon I write;  (in german)
Wie ein Blatt wiege ich in deinen Handen
o Wind
Und wie ein Meer werfe ich meine Wellen
Dir zu Fussen.
Du bist der Wind unter meinen Flugeln
und die Luft die ich athme
und die Erde auf der ich laufe.
Jedoch bist Du frei und ich kann Dich niemals
wie Sand rinnst Du mir durch meine Finger
aber aus meinem Herzen entkommst Du mir
in english translation;
Like a leaf I sway in your hands
O wind
and like the sea I throw my waves
at your feet.
You are the wind beneath my wings
and the air which I breath
and the earth on which I walk.
Yet you are free and I may never hold
like sand you escape through my fingers
but you will never escape from my
I appologise if there was something lost in the translation. (for those
who can understand german.) Someday I may get back and edit it.
Dedicated to Richard, Alan, Julie, Weasel, Grant, Melissa, Celest, Alison,
Iain, Scott, Phil the Greek, Linda, Leanne and Chris.
Sibylle Ilzhofer, University of Newcastle, NSW  Australia
62 Bull street, Cooks Hill 2300, NSW  Australia.
I just thought of another one I wrote a very long time ago;
I have eagle's wings
no chain will hold me down