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                The Search For Happiness
Now the day had come at last
To put this problem in the past--
To solve for good the question deep
Regarding joy's eternal keep.
From far and wide the people came,
Each to try and make the claim--
Each one with a different thought
Of where this treasure should be sought.
Some looked in vaults and mined for gold,
Sure that money would this treasure hold.
Others tried a far resort
Or vacationing of a different sort.
Still others went to parties all
And looked in bottles short and tall.
Some even searched through books of lore,
For guidance to that distant shore.
Some said it came from a simple game
Or freedom, love, or power and fame;
But none of these endeavors brought
The answer to the question sought.
For happiness cannot be seen
In seas of blue or fields of green;
Nor even in the star-lit skies
Or in a loved one's sparkling eyes.
Far more treasures hold the soul
Than physical creation whole.
And though those things may draw them out,
They can't alone these treasures sprout.
Happiness is one of these;
The soul alone can hold the keys--
The keys to open every door
And let the happy spirit soar.
Many people yet remain
Entrapped by fear and mortal pain.
But none need linger in the dark;
They only lack one crucial spark:
The key to happiness, you'll find
Lies not on earth but in the mind.
To understand this is to be,
In thought and spirit, truly free.
Doug Lee