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From: (bquam)
Subject: Poetus Interuptus
Date: 21 Mar 1994 02:17:33 GMT cyberspace, there are no non-poets...
Ralph Alfonso * Dr. Dada
invite YOU to...
Parade the power of text in a multi-media age;
help build poetry for the virtual world.
Poems, like holograms, create multi-dimensional images from 2-D space.
If you shatter a poem or hologram,
a miniature of the whole still glimmers in every shard.
Implicitly, meaning will be created, will emerge,
from a chaos of poetic fragments colliding in the 'Net. non-poets...
"In each of our subconsciouses there is a poet, and in our first waking
when our thoughts are not quite our own, that poet in us, will
interrupt us."
So, jot down that VERY FIRST THOUGHT in the morning,
set your alarm for dead of night, even catch yourself out of a
Just get in touch with your poet somehow, and then with us.
Send your glimmering fiber optic shards to:
then watch for your poetic fragments, along with everyone else's,
and the poems that emerge from the process, March 21 - April 17, 1994,
at URL:    On the World Wide Web
Info for further INTERACTion with
the Poetus process will be waiting for you there.
Please help make this notice:
"an Exquisite Corpse caught in the 'Net,
with thousands of eyes swimming by."