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Poetry: Pound

    To the Raphaelite Latinists

    Trans. Ezra Pound (1885-1972)

    By Weston Llewmys


    Ye fellowship that sing the woods and spring,
        Poets of joy that sing the day's delight,
        Poets of youth that 'neath the aisles of night
    Your flowers and sighs against the lintels fling;

    Who rose and myrtle in your garlands bring
        To marble altars, though their gods took flight
        Long ere your dream-shot eyes drank summer light
    And wine of old time myth and vintaging,

    Take of our praise one cup, though thin the wine
        That Bacchus may not bless nor Pan outpour:
    Though reed pipe and lyre be names upon
    The wind, and moon-lit dreams be quite out-gone
        From ways we tread, one cup to names ye bore,
    One wreath from ashes of your songs we twine!



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