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Two Sonnets
The deck-sprawled helmsman rides the dusky storm
On convoluted seas. Grey iron flails
Of swirling mists reveal her, multiform.
Snow yet unfallen to its bed of nails,
I dance in rampant glee to reconcile
Untroubled gestures, feckless inner gales.
Through sallow leaden eyes I watch the dial;
The growing gnomon-shade presages all,
Unless there is a prescience in her smile.
Brick shadows, shallow on the firelit wall,
My memories and hopes, though not as warm;
My wrist-pierced thoughts now crave unoffered gall.
A single coin contains all augury;
One outcome bliss, the other, death, for me.
Leaf vortex, bloodless in the autumn wind,
My cast-off bastard feelings. Emptiness
Enthroned demands repentance; I have sinned
Against the sepulchre. Her soft caress
Finds no more pliant skin, but skeletal
Unyielding truth. My rock-chained heart awaits
Dross-scraping scalpelled talons surgical
To gleam, pure fool's gold as it resonates
With portents in her eyes. Aortic vise
Of stale equivocation now released,
Cathartic need foreshadows sacrifice--
My veins, to satiate the lamia's feast.
Sean E. McCardell
11/15/92 & 12/21/92