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Untitled 2


    Untitled 2

    eugene kuo, 26 September 1992

    "What should I do, my life is a mess!"

    The young man cried to me.

    He picked up his glass, and toasted his lass

    Then drank it one, two, three.

    He stepped back from the bar, grabbed my left arm

    And walked me into the night.

    We walked for a mile, then he stopped and smiled

    Pointing at the moonlight.

    "You see the soft glow that lies there so low

    Far off in the gentle glade?

    That's where I found love, I thought, but what's love?

    Just a moment passed in the shade."

    With a shrug he walked off, stumbled and coughed,

    Lurching this way and that.

    And I, all alone, watched him walk home

    Then turned to my own in the night.

    eugene kuo

    26 September 1992

    This poem is one of many published by the EServer, a nonprofit collective.