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Work Without Hope


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    Work Without Hope


    Work Without Hope

    Samuel Taylor Coleridge

    (composed 21st February 1825)

    All Nature seems at work. Slugs leave their lair --

    The bees are stirring -- birds are on the wing --

    And Winter slumbering in the open air,

    Wears on his smiling face a dream of Spring!

    And I the while, the sole unbusy thing,

    Nor honey make, nor pair, nor build, nor sing.

    Yet well I ken the banks where amaranths blow,

    Have traced the fount whence streams of nectar flow.

    Bloom, O ye amaranths! bloom for whom ye may,

    For me ye bloom not! Glide, rich streams, away!

    With lips unbrightened, wreathless brow, I stroll:

    And would you learn the spells that drowse my soul?

    Work without Hope draws nectar in a sieve,

    And Hope without an object cannot live.

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